What's in my Diaper Bag--Disney Edition!

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Disney trips are exhausting, but going to Disney World with two kids was a whole different level of difficult. It was definitely fun, but there was a lot of stress and timing issues that needed to be worked out while we were at the parks (why do they ALWAYS take alternating naps?!). I wanted to make sure that while everything else may have been an unorganized mess, my diaper bag would have everything I needed with easy access on the go. Here is a list of things that I packed, along with links to products to show you everything!

Disney World Epcot Keeper of Snacks tee

The Diaper Bag
I used this backpack diaper bag from Skip Hop! I brought my Fawn Design as well but I loved how the Skip Hop was working so I ended up sticking with it all three days.

Some things that were particularly useful:
-The huge pockets - especially the front pocket which housed my wallet, first aid kit, aligners case, nail kit, mouth wash, and essential oil rollers. The side pocket held my iPhone 7+, chapstick, and Disney tickets. It was nice having pockets that were large enough to be functional!

-Stroller hooks - the clips were a little annoying to use, so I hooked the loops onto my stroller hooks that were already attached to my handle bar and they worked beautifully! It was great not having to carry the bag around all day, or try to fish it out from the storage compartment when I needed something quick. These straps are a HUGE plus for me!

-Wipeable material - Reagan spilled numerous things on the bag in this one trip and it was great that I could just wipe them up real quick and be on my way.

-Built in wipes pocket - In true Skip Hop fashion there is hidden zippered wipes pouch on the other side of the bag that came in SO handy when we were on the go. It was great to not have to dig through the bag for a wipe when little hands touched something germy, or to wipe faces after lunch. I've never had a diaper bag with this feature, and I am definitely a fan!

Diaper bag Disney World

Since this diaper bag has only three pockets (one main, one front, and one side) I knew I needed some other way to keep everything organized. My friend (who has the most fantastic YouTube channel) suggested these pouches from Jellyfish Designs and I'm so glad she did!

Things I love about the pouches:
-Plastic lining - both the inside and outside are lined with plastic, so when an applesauce pouch explodes you can just wipe and rinse it out and be good to go.

-Cute designs - this shop has TONS of adorable prints to choose from, I decided to mix and match a few because I couldn't pick just one!

-Three sizes - I like having different size pouches so I can quickly identify which one I need while rummaging through my bag. It also helped me compartmentalize my things into different groups so I knew where everything was at all times.

Mickey Mouse Keeper of Snacks

Now for the good stuff, what did I actually pack in my bag?! I stayed pretty consistent all three days, with a few little changes based on what we used the previous day.

Front pocket:
This is where I kept the smallest JFD pouch. It contained my mini first aid kit, two essential oil rollers, my aligners case, and a nail file. I also kept my card case wallet here so it was easily accessible.

Side Pocket:
I fit my cell phone, chapstick, and hand sanitizer into this side pocket with room to spare. If we were walking outside a lot, I moved my phone into the front pocket and put Reagan's water cup in the side pocket instead. This easily fit her large miracle 360 cup, and is the biggest side pocket that I've seen on a bag!

Main pocket:
-JFD pouches - the largest held diapers, extra wipes, and diaper rash cream. The medium size kept all our snacks! It was able to hold Reagan's applesauce pouches, popcorn cakes, fruit snacks, and pretzels along with my snack bars and Elderberry vitamins.

-Snack Stack - I used this snack stack from Replay Recycled and while it was a little smaller than I expected, it worked great for holding enough goldfish to last our entire trip (that's a lot of goldfish y'all). It could also easily hold pretzels, trail mix, Chex Mix, Cheerios, raisins, etc. You get the idea!

- Miracle 360 cup - I got the larger version for this trip and am so glad I did! The no spill feature was great for when it got jostled around in my bag, and I would just unscrew the lid and drink from it throughout the day too.

-Extra clothes - I packed an extra onesie and drool bib for Elliott, a dress for Reagan (which she ended up changing into because it was too hot for her other outfit), and extra underwear for Reagan.

-Nursing cover - I packed a nursing cover from Covered Goods and ended up using it in a ton of ways! I covered Elliott's legs when she was napping in the stroller to protect her from the sun and laid it on the grass for her to roll around on. It was especially handy when I was nursing Elliott while waiting in line for rides and I wanted a little more privacy since I was next to SO many people.

-Teething toy - I have this teether from a small shop on Etsy and it's Elliott's favorite. It kept her occupied while we were waiting in lines or while she was in the stroller for long periods of time.

-Essential Oils - I've been experimenting with essential oils recently so I made two roller blends and a hand sanitizer to use on this trip. I'll be doing a DIY post with more info on this soon, but I loved having chemical free products at my disposal to help keep everyone healthy! I kept the hand sanitizer within easy reach because Reagan was constantly touching germy things and I was washing her hands like crazy.

-Baby Sunscreen - I didn't think to actually pack and bring this with me so we ended up having to buy it in the park, but it was so hot and sunny that we used it everyday! The slim bottle fit with everything else in the main pocket easily, and I just checked it in a bag when we flew home.

-Skip Hop Sound Machine - I only brought this the first day, since the girls were napping in the stroller so well without it but we loved having it in the hotel at night. It's a cute little white noise machine owl that has four different sounds and volume that goes pretty loud. It also has a clip that can easily attach to a stroller, backpack, or crib!

-Wipes - I packed Wet Ones wipes for washing hands, Clorox Wipes for cleaning surfaces, and BreatheFrida Wipes for allergies and congested noses. I used all of these every day and the small packs easily fit into one interior pocket of the main compartment of the bag. They were always within easy reach and didn't take up much space!

Daisy Duck Disney World tee

My Keeper of Snacks tee was perfect for this trip--my kids refuse to eat anything they are unfamiliar with and literally live off snacks all week long. Find it HERE.

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