The 3 Product Guide to Feeling More Put Together!

by Casey Anderson on May 09, 2019  in Beauty ProductsBlogEasy TutorialMake UpMascaraMorning RoutineProducts

I love when other women make easy make up or hair tutorial guides, but even though they’re usually only 10-15 minute tutorials they are too long for me! I’m definitely the 5 minute tutorial kind of girl, anything longer than that I just don’t have time for. Two toddlers and a jam packed schedule means I need as little steps and as little time allocated as possible to get ready every morning!

I have pretty much accepted that I don’t like to set aside time to do my hair everyday, (braids and buns for LIFE) so instead I’m going to share the three beauty products that make me look super put together even when I may not feel it. But I’ve also noticed over the last three and a half years that the more I get myself physically ready for the day, the more mentally and emotionally happy and productive I am too!

Mascara // I know a lot of people have strong opinions about pricier mascara's, but this drugstore one is the one I always come back to! It never clumps and makes my blonde and fine lashes look bomb. It's crazy affordable and can be found on Amazon here!

Nail Polish // I used to never do my nails because they always chipped in five seconds and it took too long to apply multiple coats and let them dry! I just found this nail polish at Target recently and it's a game changer! Only requires one coat, it dries crazy fast, and it's only $4!!! It's also available on Amazon here. I will be doing my nails a whole lot more now that's it's easier!

Lipstick // There is nothing like a good lip color to make me feel like I have it all together! I love Lipsense because it lasts all day and doesn't transfer, but it's not exactly an all natural beauty product so I recently made the switch to something else. I found this brand of clean beauty products called Au Naturale and the lip sticks and oils are amazingggg. I especially like the lip slick tinted oils because they're moisturizing and they have a little color to them. I reached out to the brand and they generously gave me a discount code to share, CASEY gets you all 25% off!

BONUS: My fourth tip for feeling more put together when you're really not? Get out of your pajamas, and throw on a graphic tee and pair of cute leggings. You will still feel like you got dressed (and be more productive) but it's way comfier than getting fully dressed. Find my FAVE graphic tees HERE and my best pair of pocket leggings HERE.

That's it! When I'm able to follow these steps regularly I feel and look way more put together than I might actually be. And I promise that together they take less than 5 minutes to use! I hope this is helpful, and that you guys love these as much as I do!

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